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Mindfulness for women who don’t have time for mindfulness—reset, refocus, and find your work–life balance

The modern woman is more overwhelmed than ever. Between pursuing a career, maintaining a personal life, and curating the perfect image, she finds herself asking: What work–life balance? But we can find balance—by building simple mindfulness techniques right into our hectic schedules. Now, psychotherapist Shonda Moralis coaches readers through her five-minute “mindful breaks”—each prompted by an everyday situation—and shares how to:

  • Breathe to promote calm and awareness with meditation.

  • Empower yourself with assertiveness and self-confidence.

  • Achieve your dreams by setting—and conquering—goals.

Armed with these fifty mindfulness techniques, plus advice from original interviews with empowered women, anyone can achieve balance in just five minutes a day!

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